Little Jimmy’s Yellow Puddle and the Collapse of Society.

Deshaun Johnson
2 min readJan 28, 2023
Image primitively made in iNotes by the author


You can hear the school to prison pipelines’ little Jimmy sing as he streams his acidic gold against Sheetrock that didn’t hurt anyone, didn’t bother anybody.

But what can I say? Kids will be kids.

That’s what society wants me to believe. I can turn to internet news and witness the California decay as criminals will be criminals and lunatics who identify as “open-minded pioneers activating activism” cheer the behavior from the sidelines.

I remember commentary from a man who’s own mother called him “The Beast” state that “true progression, really pushing society to the limits can only come from pushing the human experience, even if it means all out debauchery”(Paraphrased respectfully).

A Bible verse states, “know them by their fruits. Test every spirit.”

“Can you prove it?” is what the expert skeptics say to those snooping around Epstein island and pizza gate scandals. But you don’t need to prove nothing. The fruits are right in front of us and they’re rotten to the core.

Hard evidence or to physically prove anything to the mainstream is unnecessary when ideaology’s are guilty of pushing agendas despite their best efforts to virtue signal.

So when little Jimmy let er’ rip yellow washing the schools whitewalls, traumatizing unsuspecting crowds, the poor teacher couldn’t do anything but quote the nearest, head-shaking helpless old man: “….but what can you do about it?”

I just pray for people and live an example of the believer. It’s the best that I can do.

Whadda about you?