How These 7 Creator Categories Can Build Better Communities, Create Reliable Monthly Income, and Avoid Censorship Using Uscreen

Deshaun Johnson
11 min readJan 24
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For some time, I’ve been brainstorming what solutions and results Uscreen can deliver for people in specific niches.

People may need to learn how a membership service will benefit them or why they need it because, honestly, it can save your business.

The recurring revenue model from monthly or annual subscriptions is fantastic, but that’s not the main reason.

Uscreen gives you a new way to connect and create community among your subscribers at a more intimate level without the interference of censorship and other rules of centralized platforms such as Meta.

I have identified seven categories that Uscreen can help to improve relevancy, create a reliable income, and avoid censorship through membership services by giving unique and different experiences to their customers.

********BUT FIRST************

For the uninitiated, Uscreen is a video monetization service offering numerous ways to earn income from your videos.

I call it an “all-in-one” solution for video creators.

Man (or girrrrrrl), let me tell you! You can do the following:

  • Host your videos in a Netflix-style presentation to your viewers
  • Sell individual course sets on top of paid subscription services
  • Upload documents such as pdfs, epubs, etc., if you are looking to add supplemental materials for your subscribers
  • Sell products on individual videos without having to qualify for some stat threshold
  • Integrate your eCommerce site so that your streaming service is in-sync with your online store (think Shopify as an example).
  • Build landing pages — click funnels without needing a third-party solution (I’m looking at you, Russell Brunson!)

Another benefit is that you do not have to be a video creator! Maybe you want to host a party and invite a bunch of people to come.

Flowery language translation: you foot the bill on the Uscreen expenses (hosting, marketing, etc.) and offer other…

Deshaun Johnson