3 Key Features Medium Has That Can Seriously Advance Our Writing Careers

Deshaun Johnson
3 min readOct 7, 2022

Money isn’t everything, but using Medium can help you get more of it faster.

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Domain Authority

Whut?! Forget the cash. I’ll take easy discovery all. Day. LONG! (I’m joking, but roll with me for a bit on this.)

Search certain keywords on Google and Medium articles are given priority because it carries a strong domain authority!

In the GIF below, I searched “how to become a millionaire author” with results returning 2 Medium articles on the first and second pages.

GIF made by the author.

There have been numerous searches that I made where a litany of Medium articles returned first on Google’s home results. I’m pretty sure you have possibly experienced the same phenomenon.

This is indicative of Medium’s domain dominance in Google search.

As of May 2022, Alexa rankings are now defunct, but according to a Casey Boticello article from 2019, Medium held the 88th position on Alexa at the time.

Alexa is down for the count.

According the Mozilla’s domain analysis tool, Medium.com maintains a domain score of 95/100, the same from Casey Boticello’s article in 2019.

Source: Moz.org

I wrote a very long form essay titled, “How the Bible Proves the Existence of a Multiverse,” that originally went on my biblical website, but probably will not be crawled and indexed for a very long time. I knew traffic to it would be null and void.

I had my reservations about placing it on Medium, but the domain presence is just too strong to not take advantage of it. So I had to publish it here.

And guess what? It made the first page of Google based on the keywords “Bible and Multiverse.” See the gif below:

Deshaun Johnson